X-Philes, They wanted to Believe / X-Philes, Ils voulaient croire

An X-Files documentary


Donations ( English Version)

Posted by Goldfish on February 11, 2013 at 9:25 AM


Hi Philes!! :)

Our project is now on Ulule: http://fr.ulule.com/xphiles/ (learn more about Ulule)

It is very simple, with a minimum of 5 euros, you can take part to the funding and help to realise the documentary! 

YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION HERE: http://www.ulule.com/xphiles/ (the page is in English and french, you can change the language down the page)

This project will only be funded if at least 2,500 € is collected before the 03/27/2013.

For €5 or more: Your name in the thankcredits

For €15 or more: Your name in the producers credits

For €20 or more: a DVD of the film + the previous counterparties

For €35 or more: extracts and pictures of the making of the film  + lthe former counterparties

For €50 or more: a tshirt of the documentary + the previous contreparties

For €75 or more: An autograph from one of the actors at the conventions  + lthe previous counterparties

For €100 or more: SPECIAL FAN ! - Have your name in the producers + extracts and pictures of the making of the project + a DVD of the film + a tshirt of the documentary + we will come to film you (France or Europe)

What are the funds for?

The project is based on the meetings between fans. It is interesting to meet current or former fans and to understand why, how and when they became fans of the X-Files.

Traveling around the world will help us figure out the impact of that cultural phenomenon since 1993. Many countries still have active fandoms.

This is a participatory project. That is to say that fans from all over the world can send their testimonies. In order to have good testimonies we will have to meet those people if they can't film theirselves.

The fundings will help us travel accross the world . It will also allow us to acquire a better equipment and go further in the project.
European or American conventions invite the actors to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. Having a ticket to meet them will be a great opportunity for the doumentary.

So, the fundings wil allow us to meet the actors and fans and film new and exclusive testimonies

It's a long road to make this documentary a reality ! :)


We would be nothing without you! So thanks for your support!!! :)

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